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An Industrious Autumn

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I think I’m in the dead center of all this activity. So now I am eagerly planning a week off to do very little, because I’m too darn busy, and maybe shouldn’t take a break to write this, but I don’t want my readers to miss anything coming up soon!


So far this fall I was in the inaugural invitational show at Radian Gallery, a brand new venture by my old friend Tony Wessling (the gallery started out as Wessling Gallery but has changed names since). You can see images of my rarely shown “Banderas Series” below - plus when you click on Radian Gallery you can tour the entire show in VR. I’ll be doing some curating for the gallery too, which I look forward to.


In the early fall and in the middle of all these shows and preparations, I took a break for a beautiful little road trip around Western Washington state with a small group of friends. Fantastic and inspiring. All this while still walking around in a boot from my foot surgery.


My show at Grove Salon on Solano Ave. in Albany, CA ran through September. Curated by Abrams Claghorn Gallery, it was my East Bay debut, and friends came from near and far!


I’ve also participated in several shows at the SFWA gallery. In September the “GAIA: Age of Climate Change” exhibition was juried by my friend and former teacher, Kim Anno. We were part of the city-wide event on Climate Action and we enjoyed an inspiring talk by Kim on Art + Activism. The October show is “Vibrant Visions” and it’s an eye-popper!


Through October I’m in a 2-person show that is Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Usha Shukla and I are showing our work together at Spark Arts in a show titled “Parallel Universes: Abstract and Figurative”. Come and see this unbeatable combination of work. We’d like to continue showing our work together since it’s so complimentary - suggestions for venues are welcome. The gallery also threw a fabulous art party/reception with a band - Green Ribbon, and a live model drawing session with Titine. A portion of the proceeds of this show will be donated.


I’ve been volunteering for Artspan and for SFWA. My foot is pretty much back to normal so I can stand around and schmooze at all these events.


There have been a bunch of fun parties and events like the Gala at SoMarts to kick off Open Studios. I’m looking forward to my two Open Studios at SFWA and Spark Arts (Weekends 4 & 5). Check out the bike tour that Artspan is offering during weekend 4.

I also spent an afternoon at the Hunters Point Shipyard Open Studios yesterday. Wow, that was a dense, rich experience. I’m completely convinced I need to get a studio outside of my home now.


In November I’ll be exhibiting a new series of small square pieces at City Art Cooperative Gallery. I just published a little square book of my art too, with 33 images. It corresponds nicely with this show. I’ve already had to order a second edition (this time with a hard cover) since the initial run was very small and is selling out quickly!


If you live here in the Bay Area I hope you can stop by my upcoming exhibitions and receptions:

-OCT. 25 - Root Division Auction Event - I have a colorful silk scroll in this show/auction!

-OCT. 27 - Last day of two-person show at Spark Arts - call for an appointment to see our work!

NOV. 2 - Reception at City Art Coop, 7-10pm - I’m showing a series of a dozen new small pieces. Through 12/1.

-NOV. 3 & 4 OPEN STUDIOS at SFWA, 11-6pm

-NOV. 3 - VIP Reception at SFWA for Open Studios 10-Noon

-NOV. 4 - Art demos and talks at SFWA

-NOV. 10 & 11 OPEN STUDIOS at Spark Arts, 11-6pm

-NOV. 10 - Reception at Spark Arts for Open Studios 6-9pm