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First Table Runner

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I use a lot of table runners and am always looking for something unique. I decided to try making one myself, as part of learning to design and sew my own products, and as a way to transform my art into textiles for the home. 

Here is my first table runner! I just produced it. It's a prototype...and will soon be offered on this site as well as at various Trunk  Shows. I made this piece from my painting (see portfolio section). Then I made the art into a repeat pattern for a textile. In this instance I used a heavy cotton twill, which would also be a great fabric for upholstery (I visualize a boudoir lounge chair). Then I sewed the fabric into a 2-sided table runner (17" wide x 58" long). 

This image shows both sides - it's reversible!

This image shows both sides - it's reversible!

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Custom orders available soon! Stay posted.