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Making Bags and Pendants Now Too!

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Textile Wearables

Carry-All Bags (hand-sewn locally and made from digitally printed fabric from my original art). My textile products make a bold statement that reflects confidence – close to a campaign – for pride in the female form, close to flaunting female nudity. It says “be fearless”.  Sometimes subtle, buried in pattern, other times large, dramatic, and bold graphic identifiable figures, my textiles make an assertive expression.

I create my textile patterns digitally from my original model drawings, also created digitally. I scale and adjust the artwork, depending on the end-use and particular fabric. This fabric is 100% linen-cotton canvas. These bags  are lined with 100% cotton.

I draw my product prototype designs by hand. Once I get my digitally printed fabric, I wash it, iron it, and turn it into my product prototype and often I invent as I go. Most of my products are made locally in San Francisco, CA and are printed in the USA.

In early 2015 I started learning to sew in order to repair or remake a huge amount of knitwear that my cat, Nigel, had chewed up. I brought garbage bags full of sweaters and scarves to a nearby sewing studio (SEW) where I transformed the unwearable into art clothing. I now have great knitwear/artwear from this era! Once comfortable sewing, and later that same year, I transitioned into creating my own fabric and clothing which is designed to spotlight my figurative artwork. My art fabric (and paper goods) feature a single work of art - large, colorful female nude drawings, paintings, and photo collages, made into a repeat pattern.

I’ve been drawing short poses with live models for many years and I am prolific. This means that I have an enormous supply of potential art to use. I have to edit and select what work to feature - very carefully - and there’s always trial and error involved. The textiles I create come from my weekly model drawing sessions at The Box Factory. Since 2013 I’ve been drawing on my iPad with a stylus. In 2015 I started Cherry Pits Art, my personal brand.


Two-Sided Picture Frame Art Charm Necklaces

I’m crazy about being able to wear my artwork and it’s so exciting to see it scaled to different sizes. This is the smallest version available of my original art prints, framed, and ready to wear. I’ve selected two pieces of my artwork for each necklace. Each pairing reflects a powerful symbiosis of my works of art.

The art is printed on thick stock, glued back-to-back, and trimmed to fit inside the glass and metal frame charm. (Note that it’s best not to try to remove it or even open the little door handle.) The necklace ball-chains are 15” long plus 2” for the charm. They are available in two metal tones: dark copper and bright silver. Hand assembled. Artwork is printed in the USA. © 2016 srkirshenbaum

In SF? Stop by! These cool art fabric bags and 2-sided art pendant necklaces will be available for sale at my Maker and Moss ( Pop-Up Art Show and Sale in Hayes Valley on Saturday, October 22 from 11am-6pm. They are now available in our online shop.