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Silkscreen Intensive Workshop at Kala

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This past weekend I participated in an intensive workshop to re-learn the silkscreen process and familiarize myself with Kala in Berkeley, which is an excellent printmaking facility! Plus, a great teacher and a small class comprised of friendly, talented artists.

It was a lot of work - messy, sweaty, and a lot of ink under my nails, but now I have a complete edition of 13 silkscreen prints on heavy fine art paper to share with the world. Very satisfying. Here they are laid out on the drying rack in the print studio. My original drawing is on the home page. I simplified the artwork and made it into a two-color print (ballet pink and rich black). The prints are 15 inches wide x 11 inches high.

View of Kala's printmaking studio

View of Kala's printmaking studio

My silkscreen print edition on the drying rack at Kala.