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And the Next Dress Will Be...

Susan KirshenbaumComment

Here are a few shots of my new Lycra fabric. I designed this textile using one of my new collages ( I plan to make this into a dress prototype, in the same style as the one below (Woman on the Bay Bridge) that my friend/model Kat is wearing. I'm showing close-ups so you can see the layer in the collage which is a photo I took of flowers. Mirroring the artwork abstracts it quite a bit.

I've just started to sell my dresses and my tapestries, in addition to the rest of my work. The tapestries are large single images printed on silk with a built-in hanging mechanism. I'll be posting about those soon. These are all extremely limited editions.

I'm off to get some fresh inspiration now - look for the colors, textures, and patterns of Spain and Portugal. I'll post some photos here for you while I'm traveling.