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This Week in SF - My First Pop-Up is at Maker & Moss

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So excited (and busy) getting ready for this show and sale. It's the first time I'm displaying all of my art and goods. Now Cherry Pits Art has a fall/winter line - all with my figurative drawings and paintings in a gorgeous array of colors and patterns! 

Hot/Cold Pad - Filled with Cherry Pits

Hot/Cold Pad - Filled with Cherry Pits

Join us at Maker & Moss, in the heart of Hayes Valley, San Francisco, on Saturday, 10/22, from 11am-6pm. I'll be there the whole time so if you are nearby stop in and say hello. 

My pop-up venue, Maker & Moss, is my friend Matt's lovely home goods shop. Matt and I met each other while we were working at the JCCSF, where we used to go for "inter-departmental walks". We continued our walks after we both left over two years ago. On a walk many months ago we decided to do this pop-up show, so here it is at last. 

This is a rare opportunity to see everything I've been making - in person. Check out my art fabric tote bags, throw pillows, silk scarves, tea towels, cocktail napkins, placemats, hot/cold pads (filled with cherry pits!), greeting cards, gift wrap, art pendant necklaces, fine art prints on paper, and monumental silk scrolls. And dresses too, made to order.

I've been making art and art merchandise like crazy and several folks have helped me tremendously - so here's a shout out. Huge thank you to my sewer buddies, Mary Allen (my neighbor), Connie Walker-Shaw and Eva Hernandez from SEW (West Portal/SF), and Rachel Myers from Home Decor Learning Center (Concord). Thanks, too, to Jack, Kat, Lyndee, Valerie, Rhiannon, and Matt for the all the different ways you've helped me get here.

Gift Wrap

Tote Bag

Sofa Pillow

Silk Scarf

Silkscreen Print

Tea Towel

Color Block Silk Scroll - Series

Shift Dress