Susan R. Kirshenbaum

art and life - both the cherries and the pits

Selected Series


I love to create multiple versions from one original digital drawing. Working from a live model, I modify, add layers, and see where my iterations take me. This way I can focus my attention on a visual theme and it’s easy to show my work in groupings. All of my finished pieces are part of a series.


Wall Series

I love walls! Initially inspired by the walls I photographed in Spain, I love to layer my drawings with my wall photos to add a richness of depth, dimension, and mystery.

Mirror Series

I’m fascinated by the patterns created by duplicating, scaling, and mirroring my drawings. This series is an outgrowth of my foray into textile design. Like the Rorschach test, my combinations create new shapes that emerge for interpretation by the viewer.

Life Squared

Is life lived in little boxes? Working digitally I can scale my pieces and see them go from tiny to huge. Life squared is an ongoing series of mostly 10-inch square images printed on paper and shown in shadowboxes.