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Red, White, and Blue Series - It's in the Air

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Wanting to bring attention to the election during my ArtSpan SF Open Studios scheduled the weekend before the election - oh my! I wasn't thinking about that when I registered for November 5-6. Oh well, I hope we are not all too distracted! I'm sure engaged in this campaign.

Here's a little series of drawings in the appropriate color scheme. 

"Draping" ©2016 Susan R. Kirshenbaum

"Looking at You" ©2016 Susan R. Kirshenbaum

"Leaning Back" ©2016 Susan R. Kirshenbaum

What's in the Works - My Version of Barbie?

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First art doll underway  ©SRKirshenbaum

First art doll underway


This is my first venture into doll making. Here's a photo of my almost finished doll, from my original artwork titled "Woman on the Bay Bridge". I've always wanted to make dolls. As a kid, I had some very unique art dolls, made by fantastic fiber artists. Spoiled! Using my leftover fabric from my first Lycra dress prototype, this qualifies as a rag doll. My work starts out as a figure drawing, painting, or collage. If I make it into fabric then I scale it and create a repeat pattern. In this case, I've extracted the original art work from the repeat pattern of the fabric to make a single doll. She's about 6" wide (foot to foot) and 9" tall. And she feels great to hold and squish!